13 Common Reasons for Breakups that will Establish your faith in Staying Single

Relationships aren’t such huge deals but it’s the people who complicate them. Couples split up because of the most common reasons, some of which might be unreasonable. When you ask them the reasons for breakups, you’ll be surprised.

Here are Common reasons for Breakups that will establish your faith in Staying Single

1. Cheating

Unfaithfulness is something intolerable. You must have heard the phrase “Once a Cheater, always a Cheater” , well definitely with some exceptions. Cheating is the most common of all the reasons for breakups.


2. Falling out of Love

Some couples just stopped feeling the way they used to. It isn’t like they never loved each other ever or so, it’s just that the Love faded with the course of time, got bored maybe!


3. Possessiveness

Some couples are so possessed with each other that at one point it get’s annoying AF. They just can’t tolerate and hence give up on their relationships.


4. Abusive nature

Of all the reasons for breakups, this sucks the most because you neither end up on a good nor on a bad note, it’s called the ‘fury’ note where grudges persist.


5. Bad S3x

S3x is not the most important thing in Love but important enough! If they do not get satisfied, they quit their relationships!


6. Money Matters

Money makes people selfish and selfishness can’t hold Love. The moment where money matters interrupt their relationship, somehow they end up breaking up.



Some people think they are really funny, but alas! they are not. Some partners tend to humiliate their partners publicly. Well, it might be jokingly or some psychological problem.


8. Constant Fights

They say “The more you fight, the more you love” , It isn’t applicable if you fight 24×7. Fighting all the time creates depression which is too much for we have just one life. Hence couples feel like it’s better to let go.

Couple have a quarrel on a romantic date in a fine dining restaurant they are angry and yelling, a large chandelier is in Background


9. Ignorance

Ignoring the partners make them feel less loved and less wanted. Who doesn’t need attention from their partners! When there is lack of attention, they give up.


10. Long distance

This is also one of the common reasons for breakups. Long distance kills the spark brutally, well again, there are some exceptions, but to most of them, long distance just doesn’t seem to work out.

Man touching woman’s hand on computer screen


11. No Goal or Ambition

Nowadays nobody wants a partner who has no stable future. Love isn’t blind anymore.


12. Bad Habits

When people get drug addict or some other bad habits that their partners find irritating, they mostly tend to leave.


13. Bossy attitude

Some people just fail to understand that being in a relationship doesn’t give you freedom to interfere with everything happening in their partner’s life. Just know the limits, when they don’t try to compromise at all, it’s over.


So! Single people? Feeling better? Definitely, I guess! And to the couples, breakups are so expensive, try not to!

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